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The following qualifications are mandatory: 

  • Knowledge of Angular from version 9+ 

  • Knowledge of Typescript appropriate to the Angular version. 

  • Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, SASS would be helpful. 

  • Knowledge about general Client/Server concepts in web application programing. 

  • Knowledge about RESTful Webservices. 

  • Knowledge of Java and server side project organizations. 


For the use of APIs the following programs are used, the handling of them should be familiar: 

  • SoapUI / Postman 

  • OpenAPI Version 3 


Angular and Typescript style guides are preferred. 

The knowledge of static code analysis, unit testing and end-to-end testing is desirable. 

The following tools are used for this purpose, knowledge is helpful but not mandatory: 

  • ESLint 

  • Jasmine 

  • Cypress 



The development process typically includes the following tasks: 

  • Derive view models and HTML templates from specifications. 

  • Generate components with reactive forms when necessary. 

  • Apply concepts such as types, interfaces and classes. 

  • Implement solutions and stategies to model component behavior and interaction. 

  • Create services to separate functionalities and encapsulate API interaction. 

  • Use of OpenAPI tools to create type safe endpoints and maintain backend compatibility. 

  • Make use of code reviews with tools like Gerrit to improve the software. 

  • Writing functional requirements documents and guidelines. 

  • Collaborate with backend developers to improve cooperation and work out agreements. 


To apply, please visit the following URL:→