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We are Descartes

Descartes combines innovative technology, powerful trade intelligence, and the reach of our global network to deliver the industry’s most complete offering of cloud-based logistics and supply chain management solutions.

Why Descartes?

We believe that great things happen when we work together, both locally or globally. We grow organically and through acquisition, each time strengthening our team and capacity to win. We’re growing fast and invite you to join our amazing team.

We’re one of the most broadly deployed logistics and supply chain technology companies in the world. More than 26,000 customers around the globe use our cloud-based solutions to transform the way they move inventory and information to enhance productivity, better serve customers, thrive competitively, keep pace with evolving regulations, reduce the carbon emissions of their supply chains, and respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

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Guided by our Core Values

We nurture a TEAM-focused culture that prioritizes work-life balance and personal development for professional rewards. We heavily invest in the continuous learning, coaching, and improvement of every person who has committed their time to help us succeed.

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Whether it is with partners, customers, or co-workers, we are open, honest, and straightforward with our communication.

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Excellence & Expertise

We deliver excellence and therefore we demand excellence. Our team is comprised of subject-matter experts, grounded in ethical conduct and respect for individuals.

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Our work is guided by a clear mission and clear objectives. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to what we do and how we do it.

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Metrics-driven Results

As we strive to continuously improve our business, we aim to measure both our own progress and the success of our customers. This success fuels the investment and passion for our future.

We’re Growing Fast and Invite You to Join Our Amazing Team




Our Technology, Our Planet

With global customers, it’s vital that we develop solutions that have a profound positive environmental impact on our planet. Through mobile applications, GPS tracking, automation, electronic filings, scheduling, and consolidation, our solutions reduce fuel consumption by 5-%-25% and eliminate 1-10 pages of paper per delivery. In 2021, that was >696,000 tonnes of CO2, 2.84 billion sheets of paper and 1086 million liters of fuel.

Green Earth

Job Candidates: Beware Recruitment scams

Recruitment scams are increasingly being carried out online through false job advertisements, job websites (Facebook), or through unsolicited emails, posing as legitimate companies such as Descartes.

Here are some guidelines for our applicants who are interested in employment with Descartes:

The Descartes recruitment team will always:

  • Communicate with you from an email address ending in “” and will not use any other email domain for recruiting related contacts.
  • Post all open positions on our career’s website.
  • Conduct multiple in person interviews (video substitute during COVID) prior to extending offers of employment. If you did not go through this process, please be on alert for fraudulent activity.
  • Never request payments of any kind or require you to purchase any materials or tools in order for applicants to secure a job.

Any suspicious posts should be reported to Facebook directly with their built-in tools and optionally can be reported to [email protected] and include the suspicious content as an attachment.

Descartes treats fraudulent matters seriously. By publishing this information and investigating the reports received, we aim to try to prevent scammers from carrying out fraudulent activity against individuals who are legitimately interested in joining Descartes.

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