Adam Krajco, Director, SDC & Telematics based in Slovakia, shares how a globally distributed development team can collaborate and thrive in a rapid develop-and-deploy Agile environment.

Can you describe the inter-connected, globally distributed technical teams at Descartes? 

At Descartes, our internal business units are aligned into pillars that share common customer groups, infrastructure, and functionalities or integrations. This structure promotes cross-functional collaboration to form more comprehensive solutions, from enhancements to implementations, integrations, and new feature developments. 

Stephanie Redl

We are globally distributed as individuals, with offices and remote teams in multiple countries, but locations do not dictate the product or technology we work on. This provides everyone that joins us the same opportunity to work on exciting pieces of technology and products which are released to highly recognizable brands worldwide.

How would a new candidate find it exciting to contribute to these projects?

As an organization, we continue to grow through the acquisition of industry-related companies that are building a wide range of solutions using cutting-edge technologies. This focus on being the latest, the fastest, and the best presents rewarding professional growth challenges for anyone in technology.

The logistics and supply chain industry is very complex, with layered processes and high data volumes. We follow rapid develop-and-deploy cycles in an Agile environment with bi-weekly deployments to production or customers. We use modern tools for this, like Azure DevOps with fully automated release pipelines. This level of exposure and opportunity is exhilarating for any technologist, whether they are a new graduate or have been in the industry for a few years.

This is a place where you can express interest in trying new things and contributing to work outside of what’s assigned—you will be supported, and you will grow. I started here 12 years ago as a Junior Developer focused on one product and currently, I’m in charge of the Global Development Center with an overview of multiple products. I’ve worked with incredibly innovative, intelligent, and genuinely nice people.

One of the things that’s unique to Descartes is that we have a talent program. Managers work with each employee to find the best possible career path and how they will grow with the vision for the company. These discussions and planning exercises are invaluable, helping to shape and guide you as an individual, and providing you with purpose and a personal focus. In addition, we have Descartes Academy, where anybody can join as a mentor or a champion, sharing their experience with others as well as participating in organized courses and workshops.

What will someone gain or learn by working for you and your team?

Working with my team here provides broad and deep insights into all aspects of software development. It’s a chance to put into practice the theories that you’ve learned and see the best practices for all different situations which can come up during development. Whether it is design, implementation, integration, or maintenance, you will have access to the full cycle, learning how complex B2B products and solutions are developed and deployed daily. It’s a lot of information, it’s fast-paced, and it’s continuously evolving.

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