Daniel Cancela, Senior Manager, Share Development Center & IT, based in Uruguay, shares his take on Descartes’ culture, the daily challenges that keep things interesting, and the opportunities for career growth as a member of Descartes’ technical team.

What would be exciting to someone joining the technical teams at Descartes?

There are always new challenges. We are a company that grows through acquisitions. As a result, we must update and integrate applications and migrate technologies to our frameworks. We have to learn the new products inside out, understand how clients use them, and then design and build new features that take them to the next level. Every day provides a different challenge with ongoing learning opportunities. 

Stephanie Redl

What growth opportunities have you had that have helped you reach your potential?  

I was a Junior Developer when I started with the company 16 years ago. Over time, I gained access to mentorship, training, and opportunities to expand my technical skills and develop my people management skills. I moved through the roles of Developer, Team Leader, Manager, and now, I’m the Chief of the Development Center.  

Descartes is a fulfilling place to work because my career trajectory is not unique, we truly support the growth of our people. We want to leverage the skills they are developing here to advance our solutions and client relationships. To that end, as part of the technical team here, you will certainly develop in-demand skills- our focus is to stay at the leading edge of technology following a CI approach, using or sharing Azure pipelines, automation, and trying the latest tools. 

Why else do people stay? 

The culture at Descartes is a great blend of autonomy and collaboration, but above that, we care about each other and genuinely enjoy working together. It’s something that keeps people here, the opportunity to be part of a global organization where anyone can make a suggestion to enhance the client experience and see it come to life. Once you join Descartes, you will commit to growing your career here, taking advantage of professional development, client exposure and career growth across a wide range of products, tools and services. 

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