Eimy, a Customer Success Manager, tells us why our collaborative approach to helping customers makes Descartes a great place to grow your impact and enjoy work every day.

What drew you to Descartes?

Before joining Descartes, I was a freight broker and had hands-on experience with many Descartes systems. A former colleague told me how supportive and welcoming the culture is at Descartes. When I had an opportunity to join the team, I was excited for the chance to be part of the experience from the other side.

Eimy Colorado

Do you think someone joining Descartes needs to come from the industry?

While there are benefits, explicitly understanding first-hand the details of each solution we offer is not essential. The Customer Success Program for the product I support, MacroPoint, was brand new, so I learned everything here and built my knowledge. If you are coming from a freight brokerage, you will understand from a customer’s perspective the value they are looking for in the product and will love the new challenges.

When I first started, the training and onboarding were comprehensive, the team was welcoming and there were no barriers to asking questions. Their goal was to ensure you were comfortable with the people and the systems. In addition, they’ve gone so far as to elicit feedback from new team members to ensure any improvements we’d like to see to the onboarding process are incorporated.

How do you know you are making an impact at Descartes?

MacroPoint is a visibility platform that brokers use to track their freight. It’s a vital element to their operation and their own customer relationships. With dedicated customers assigned to me, I am part of their Descartes journey. By the second call, I can see their engagement and satisfaction improve through their metrics. The personalized conversations with our customers demonstrate that we are invested in ensuring they are happy and empowered. At the same time, I feel empowered to help them in any way they need. From offering insights and technical advice, to hearing their issues and passing them to the product team, I truly care and will connect them to whomever I need to. I’m helping them to be successful.

Why should someone join Descartes?

It’s fascinating to work with this level of technology, to gain insights into the back-end, to see the metrics. We’re always going for the next best change and you will never feel stagnated.

Descartes is a company that truly lives its values, and you can experience that from day one. It’s very open, and there is an emphasis on transparency. It’s incredibly innovative, with new features and products continuously launched and a genuine openness to hearing the team’s ideas.

With Patrick O’Connor as the VP of Customer Success, there is a significant emphasis on gaining and sharing knowledge. He’s very understanding and he appreciates the details – he’s the perfect person to lead this team so anyone coming into this team can be confident they will be set up for success.

If you want to step up to the challenge of working with complex technology, helping to solve supply chain and logistics issues, and learning every day, join us. To learn more about current opportunities, please visit our ‘Join Our Team’ page.