Eleni Thalassinos is a Director, Business Development and Partnerships at Descartes. She tells us how their TEAM values foster opportunity for career growth, learning, collaboration, and genuine connection.

What drew you to Descartes when you first started, and how has your career developed?

My career at Visual Compliance began in 2014 which then became part of the Descartes family in 2019. As part of the bigger organization, I channeled my experience into the Descartes trade compliance solutions. Throughout the last 7.5 years, I’ve gained exposure and knowledge across different areas of the business and been successful at every level. I believe this stems from the supportive and open culture we foster here.

Eleni Thalassinos

Our TEAM values (Transparency, Excellence and Expertise, Accountability and Metrics-Driven Results) empower and motivate everyone here. There is a genuine collaborative drive that enables everyone to be part of collective strategies and ideas. Descartes is a continuously evolving business, growing organically and through acquisition. With that comes the opportunity to pivot to our clients and industry demands, step up to exciting challenges, and build alignments across various Descartes teams.

Descartes is a leader in its industry with multiple business pillars and departments. As a result, there are endless learning opportunities, interactions with approachable leaders, and pathways to take your career to the next level and beyond that.

How do you know you are making an impact at Descartes?

I consider myself an out-of-the-box thinker. I take a lot of initiative and present solutions. Descartes fosters an environment where I can see my ideas implemented and collaborate with colleagues to bring their ideas to life. It’s an advantage of being part of a bigger team with a close culture, working with people worldwide, hearing their perspectives, and gaining new insights. In addition, at Descartes, you gain access and exposure to customers that are global leaders across a wide range of industries. We’re dealing with Fortune 500 companies who are often involved in groundbreaking work, which also fuels my own internal and external impact.

Was there a turning point or “aha” moment in your career?

My “aha” moment came when I first met the Descartes Senior Management team. They communicated their understanding of my previous roles and were very aware of my contribution to the company. I felt that they cared and that doors were open to me for future success. It was incredibly motivating to feel seen and know I was appreciated for my work.

What advice would you offer someone considering a role at Descartes?

No matter what position you are looking for in this company, there is support for everyone. Whether you are at the Senior Management level or just starting in your career, you always feel a part of the bigger picture here.

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