Fany Flores, Director of Research & Development, Compliance Systems at Descartes, describes the collaborative team she built and continues to coach and mentor as one of the highlights in her 25-year career. Here, she tells us about the uniquely Descartes opportunity she has to make a meaningful impact on the logistics and trade industry.

What is your role here, and how do you know you are making an impact?

Like many others here, I came to Descartes through the acquisition of Oceanwide (USA) Inc. The opportunity to retain my team and continue to lead their work when we first moved over meant a great deal to me professionally and personally. The leadership here trusted that we had the relationships and expertise. They recognized our ability to collaborate efficiently. 

Fany Flores-Pastor

I’ve since moved up from a manager to a director role, and after having worked with the North America Brokerage teams for many years, I now work exclusively with the US Brokerage teams from my home office in Miami. We’ve grown together, expanded the breadth and depth of our knowledge – and our impact – as a result of Descartes’ reach and reputation.

As Director, R&D Compliance, I have a line of sight across our products. I’m aware of the purpose and the problems we are working on for our clients or the industry. This is a rewarding opportunity to deliver solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of users, to bring them to market on time, and to know we’re contributing to the more extensive systems offered. In addition, the R&D Compliance team represents Descartes in conversations with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency to ensure that any changes to policies don’t negatively impact trade.

What do you get to do at Descartes that you might not be able to do elsewhere?

For an R&D team, the excitement lies in finding and recommending new tools – and knowing that Descartes will give us the resources we need to innovate. We have access to cutting-edge software and technology and a level of autonomy rare in companies with enterprise clients.

What advice would you offer someone considering a role at Descartes?

Descartes is a company that readily supports the professional development and happiness of people who work hard. By providing access to continuous learning, mentorship and growth opportunities, this is a place where you can be challenged and rewarded throughout your career.

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