Xiomara Pannella, a UX/UI Designer based in Montevideo (UY), shares her candid experiences on the opportunities she found while working for a global technology leader, close to home.

What drew you to Descartes?

In 2019, I was beginning my degree in Graphic Design. I was excited to find an ad seeking a marketing intern in Montreal, at a leading global technology company. I met one of my greatest mentors, colleagues, and friends through this opportunity- a Marketing Director for Emerging Markets in Europe. We connected virtually, and she’s taught me so much and expanded my exposure to various aspects of working at a global company.

Stephanie Redl

How has your career developed here?

Once I completed my degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts, I started working full-time at Descartes reporting to the Latin Americas Regional Coordinator. Simultaneously, I started taking UX/UI design classes to bring the human experience into my work. I wanted to adopt user-centered design thinking, and truly consider what choices and features serve our customers best. My reputation as someone who could create meaningful designs and visual messaging organically worked its way through the company. At the time, I wasn’t aware of any specific UX/UI roles that were open, but I was quickly connected to a Product Manager, and now I work on his team in my dream role.

Why should someone join?

One of the reasons that I love Descartes is that it’s a company where you can create your own opportunities and be supported while doing it. They are willing to fully support you to help you flourish. I started integrating UX/UI into the design process for some of Descartes’ solution interfaces and it has been a wonderful experience. I’m excited about what we can accomplish by continuing to work in close collaboration from concept to launch.

In addition to being a leading technology company, Descartes is very human-focused. I have been fortunate enough to report to two different women and to learn from their leadership. I learned how to thrive in my role, and thrive as a woman in the technology industry. Descartes, as a company, does a fantastic job of nurturing an equal and diverse workforce. They care about employees, offering flexibility, training, mentorship, and the chance to try new things. You will never get bored, and genuinely enjoy the people you work with and the products you work on.

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