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Descartes Unites the People and Technology that Move the World

The need for efficient, secure, and agile supply chains and logistics operations has become ever more critical and complex. By combining innovative technology, powerful trade intelligence and the reach of our network, Descartes helps get goods, information, transportation assets, and people where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

We’re one of the most broadly deployed logistics and supply chain technology companies in the world. More than 22,000 customers around the globe use our cloud-based solutions to transform the way they move inventory and information to enhance productivity, better serve customers, thrive competitively, keep pace with evolving regulations, and respond to rapidly changing market conditions. Descartes is publicly traded (Nasdaq:DSGX, TSX:DSG) with headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and offices and partners around the world. With record financial performance for more than 16 years, we lead the industry in innovation investment. Every day, logistics service providers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and other logistics-intensive businesses of all sizes rely on our scale, stability, and comprehensive solution footprint to move what’s most important to them. Learn more at www.descartes.com.

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Company Vision

Descartes is poised to embrace and lead the real-time supply chain market.

As technology continues to move forward, distribution-sensitive companies are seeking out end-to-end solutions for real-time control of their supply chain activities. As a result, Descartes believes the traditional worlds of supply chain execution, mobile resource management and business document exchange are colliding, and that Descartes, with strength and capabilities in these areas, is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.

Helping us to develop and support our solutions is the Global Logistics Network™, which enables Descartes to act upon the real-time supply chain opportunity by offering solutions that go well beyond traditional point applications. The GLN is the foundation or architecture upon which our newer product suites operate, enabling us to combine applications and offer end-to-end enterprise solutions.


As a trusted provider of supply chain services, Descartes helps companies optimize and gain real-time control of their inventory and assets to reduce costs, save time, and enhance customer satisfaction.

We approach the market opportunity by targeting specific industries such as:


Consumer goods


Third-Party Logistics



The regional model enables us to stay close to our customers. Each region – The Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific – has profit and loss accountability with increased responsibilities in providing both pre- and post-sales support. This geographical model enables us to drive strong relationships with customers and prospects and helps to propel the growth of the company.

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