The Descartes Product Suite Solves Complex Logistics and Supply Chain Management Problems for Customers

  • We sit at the intersection of global trade and technology, empowering customers around the world with our solutions, network, and industry expertise to give them a competitive edge.
  • We solve complex logistics and supply chain management problems for big and small customers around the world, offering the most comprehensive suite of global trade-related intelligence products.
  • Our platform helps get inventory, information, assets, and people where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

Descartes’ Agile Software Development Leads to Innovation

  • Our R&D teams follow Agile methodology in a CI/CD environment to build and test cloud-based solutions in AWS and Azure.
  • Every day is different with ongoing learning opportunities and challenges derived from our responsiveness and ambition.
  • Innovation and experimentation are paramount to our ability to respond to evolving demands and keep ahead of our industry.
  • We plan for and execute integrations and migrations, design and develop new products, and work towards expanding our understanding of the features and functionality that will take our solutions to the next level.
  • We foster a growth mindset in a continuously evolving environment. The ability to take ownership, pivot, contribute, and learn as you go are all aspects that will lead to your success and genuine satisfaction here.

Descartes’ SaaS Technology is Powered by Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Our diverse customer base across the globe brings a range of challenging problems in the supply chain and logistics space.
  • We collaborate across teams, using the latest practices and greatest tools, leveraging AI, ML, and big data technologies to transform the way we can address these complexities and come up with the best-fit solutions.
  • We solve complex problems in a real-time, high volume, transactional multi-tenant SOA/SaaS environment using engineering tools such as:
    • JavaScript, HTML, and React for the front end
    • Bash, PowerShell, Python, Ruby, and Go for scripting
    • Ansible and terraform for Infrastructure-as-code
    • Docker, Kubernetes, and ECS for containerization
    • Azure DevOps for fully automated pipeline management
    • PHP8+, MySQL for database management

Descartes Cares about the Environment and Sustainability

  • Descartes has a deep sense of environmental responsibility, working with customers to conserve resources and enhance sustainability.
  • Our products increase efficiency, eliminate redundancies, are predominantly paperless, and optimize routing.
  • In 2020, we helped our customers save over 552 thousand metric tons of CO2, 1.86 billion sheets of paper, and 727 million liters of fuel.

Descartes Prioritizes the TEAM: Transparency, Excellence and Expertise, Accountability and Metrics-driven Results

  • Entrepreneurial problem-solvers focused on our collective success.
  • Guided by our TEAM values: Transparency, Excellence and Expertise, Accountability, and Metrics-driven results.
  • We invest in people and create opportunities for advancement across a broad spectrum of career paths.
  • We prioritize work-life balance with competitive benefits and exceptional perks.
  • At Descartes, everyone has a voice and the best argument wins, regardless of who makes it.
  • We’ve always been and will continue to be a work-from-anywhere organization. Where you live won’t restrict your impact, skills development, or career growth.
Team members from Descartes' R & D team at a recruiting event

Our network spans more than 160 countries and connects hundreds of thousands of organizations in logistics and transportation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, government, Ecommerce, and business services. If you’re interested in making a tangible impact on one of the biggest crises facing producers and consumers today; and you want to use the latest technologies and collaborate with the best people, join us. We’re focused on transforming new ideas and feedback from our customers and in-house domain experts into real-world innovations.

Research and Development at Descartes

Heather Chamblee Employee Testimonial

“Descartes is a technology-first company and our R&D team is highly involved in all aspects of the development of our products. Focusing on new features, technical debt, and maintenance, they provide real-world insights and work directly on the solutions.

At Descartes, we offer the full spectrum of a rewarding career: Work-life balance, the ability to work from anywhere, purpose and impact, access to cutting-edge technology, mentorship, and significant growth opportunities. That’s what makes us a great choice.”

—Yan Parenteau, Vice President of Mobility Solutions

“As a Full Stack Developer, I improve the user experience, eliminate errors, and optimize interactions between customers and their delivery process. I enjoy knowing my work product immediately impacts our customers and seeing my ideas and suggestions come to life.”

—Rahul Kachadiya, Full Stack Developer

“For an R&D team, the excitement lies in finding and recommending new tools – and knowing that Descartes will give us the resources we need to innovate. We have access to cutting-edge software and technology and a level of autonomy rare in companies with enterprise clients.

Descartes is a company that readily supports the professional development and happiness of people who work hard. By providing access to continuous learning, mentorship and growth opportunities, this is a place where you can be challenged and rewarded throughout your career.”

—Fany Flores-Pastor, Director, R&D Compliance Systems

“As an organization, we grow through the acquisition of cutting-edge tools and iterations of our own solutions. We follow rapid develop-and-deploy cycles in an Agile environment and use Azure DevOps with fully automated release pipelines. This level of exposure and opportunity is exhilarating for any technologist, whether they are a new graduate or have been in the industry for a few years.”

—Adam Krajco, Director, SDC & Telematics